Day 5



Before we left to go to Mamta School, I went to the tailor’s house which is located just at the end of our street in our village. They have two daughters, one who is in 11th grade and a younger daughter who they keep at home to do housework and help out with tailoring. They're struggling to pay for their eldest daughter's education, so we decided to talk to them about helping them out with her education and also sending the younger one to school. The parents told us if they had the money, they would send both daughters to school. However, since they didn’t they had decided they would marry the daughters as soon as they had enough money. The father jokingly said, “Give me the money today and I’ll get them married tomorrow!” We made a deal with them that we will support their daughters by paying for their education, books, and uniform as long as they keep them in school and don’t marry them off. The parents agreed and we decided to come back after our trip to Himatnagar (we’ll be staying there for a night). 
A little after we got back, Jamanaben came to our house. I’ve been meaning to go to her house for days to tell her that we found a place for Teeny to go. We told her that it’s called Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust (also called Sahyog Ashram) and they house around 150 autistic females that are over 18 years old. Before going to Mamta School, we decided that it would be a good idea to see how they ran the home and also see if it would be a good place for Teeny. 

In case you forgot, Teeny is autistic and her elderly mother has been trying to find a place for her to go. I told her mother, Jamanaben that I would find a place for Teeny.
At Sahyog Ashram
Sahyog Ashram houses around 1000 individuals who are autistic, leprosy afflicted, and physically disabled most who are from outside of Gujarat. Some of these individuals are also the children of the leprosy afflicted individuals. Everyone other than the children are over 18 years old. The compounds where the girls stay were in good condition and were cleaned every day. We mostly went to go see where the girls stayed and got to meet most of the girls. We saw that Teeny would be treated right and her mother wouldn’t have to worry about her well-being. 
Nathji, Jignesh, Dhursir
We went to Mamta School after visting Sahyog Ashram. I wanted to see the kids again and also get more information about what costs will look like for the upcoming year. We ended up staying for a good part of the day, but I only got to spend an hour or two with the kids. I spent most of the time in the office with Jayantikaka doing administrative work. 

The breakdown costs to run the school are as follows:
Rent for the building per month: 15,000 Rupees (Around $300)
*(Jayantikaka is currently looking for another location to buy the land and build another location so we don’t have to keep paying rent. We’ll be fundraising for that at a later date.) 
Food per day: 1000 Rupees (Around $18-$20)
1 Teacher’s wage per month (There are four teachers): 2500 Rupees (Around $45)

Right now they are in the most need of food, so I decided we’ll be able to put down the costs for food for the next few months. The kids also need sweaters and bedsheets which we decided we’ll put down the money for now. However, when I get home I’ll need to work on fundraising for additional expenses. 

P.S. sorry my posts are being put up so late! The internet connection here is always on and off, so it stops working every time I try to put up a post.



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I just felt so happy that there are still individuals like you who have time to help other people's welfare. I really appreciate your blog post. The way you narrated the story from the beginning as you help two girls in their educational assistance and getting some updates at Mamta school. I also value your perseverance as you find a suitable school for Tinny. May you continue helping other people. I pray that the Lord will bless you more. Thanks for sharing your story and experience.

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Guardians let us know whether they had the cash, they would send both little girls to class. In any case, since they didn't they had chosen they would wed the little girls when they had enough cash. The father facetiously said, "Give me the money today, and I'll get them wedded tomorrow!"

04/03/2017 11:29pm

Day 5 was spent in a good way! A person like you deserves to be acknowledged. It becomes a habit to you helping those deserving people who are in need. I believe that these children deserve their rights to education. Since their parents cannot send them to school, I appreciate that you make this thing possible for the benefit of the kids!

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