Part of the land that will need to be developed.
For a few months Aahana has been raising money to purchase and build the land to rebuild Mamta School. Currently, the school is run out of a rented building and does not hold enough space for the amount of kids we hope to bring to the school in the future.

I finally got a chance to see the land we were thinking, for months, about building the school on. We were growing concerned because of the increasing land prices. However, we ended up getting lucky. REALLY lucky. Within the last year, one of our partner organization's trustees, Karshanbhai Patel recovered from a heart attack and a kidney failure. After he went through multiple surgeries, he decided he wanted to donate all of his land towards a greater cause. It just so happened that we were looking for land around the same time he decided to donate the land his family has owned for years.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on buying land, we’ll be able to put it towards the children and building the new school. We can’t believe that everything happened to work out so well and are beyond excited to get started on this project.

I can’t say this enough, but I thank you all for your continuous support! As we start our planning and fundraising process I am confident that we will be able to change more lives each and every day.



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As a student, this is what we need, concerned people who really do and exert efforts and willingness to help and support the school where students learn and grow. Thank God that He also does support these people and that He always gives them the chance to pursue their plans. As a student, what I can do is to study seriously and study hard so the efforts will always have its good result that will make us both happy.

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I am confident that we will be able to change more lives each and every day.

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